Regulatory Affairs

USPTO grants NOA to Amarin Vascepa capsules

PBR Staff Writer Published 14 January 2013

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a notice of allowance (NOA) to biopharmaceutical company Amarin for its claims related to Vascepa and FDA-approved MARINE indication.

The NOA, which is issued based on patent application13/610,217, includes claims for using icosapent ethyl, or EPA, including Vascepa, in lowering triglycerides through the daily administration of about 4 capsules.

Amarin chairman and chief executive officer Joseph Zakrzewski said the claims in the allowed application cover the administration of capsules containing about 900 mg to about 1000 mg of EPA.

"The issuance of this Notice of Allowance represents yet another significant step toward Amarin's goal of protecting the commercial potential of Vascepa to beyond 2030 through patent protection, regulatory exclusivity and trade secrets and by taking advantage of manufacturing barriers to entry," Zakrzewski added.