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Fuld & Company – Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Gaming

Fuld & Company, the global leader in competitive intelligence, delivers customised research and analysis on markets, competitors, suppliers and customers.

Founded in 1979 by Leonard Fuld, a pioneer and recognised leading authority in the field, Fuld & Company is a full-service business intelligence firm, providing research and analysis, strategic consulting, business intelligence process consulting, and training to help clients understand the external competitive environment. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients improve their performance by making better decisions through the application of solid intelligence on their markets and competitors.

With over thirty years of experience, the firm has served many public and private companies, including over half of the top 100 Pharma and Biotech companies. Within those companies, we serve the business intelligence needs of many functional areas including operations, R&D, strategic planning, new ventures, social media, mergers & acquisition, marketing, sales, distribution/logistics, purchasing and human resources.

Our teams are organised by therapy area, with centres of expertise focused on pharma, biotech and generics, including biogenerics, medical devices /diagnostics and consumer healthcare. Our practice directors and project managers deliver comprehensive reporting and hard-hitting analysis to senior executives and decision makers.

Through extensive experience researching strategic, operational and tactical issues for companies in a wide range of industries, we have the interviewing, documentation, analysis and presentation skills to meet the needs of our clients. Our findings, recommendations, and scenario analysis enable clients to make more informed judgments on a variety of critical business decisions.

Therapy area specialists – research and analysis

We creatively identify and interview a variety of industry participants – including direct competitors – to provide a well-rounded, corroborated view of the salient competitive issues. We use ethical means to gather hard-to-find information on markets and competitors. Our therapeutic and diagnostic specialists then analyse the findings, add insights, demonstrate clear implications to the client, and work with decision makers to develop action plans and strategies. In a fast-moving competitive environment, stale information produces stale ideas. The information Fuld provides is timely and relevant, enabling you to stay a step ahead of the competition, drive growth and boost profits.

War games and scenario analysis

A war game is a structured strategic exercise that allows companies to understand and explore future strategic options. War games bring competitive intelligence to life in a forum that is rigorous, enlightening, and engaging. These private, closed-door sessions enable executives to: thoroughly understand the competitive situation, anticipate competitor actions, predict likely marketplace reactions, evaluate strategy, make critical decisions and avoid costly missteps. War games are about anticipating competitive moves before your rivals make them. You need to consider a war game when you face: a threat from current competitors, imminent entry of new rivals, industry consolidation, a change in the external environment (regulatory pressure, change in consumer preference, channel shifts, etc.), or a threat from a new technology or a similar disruption.

CI process consulting

We know executives need to make decisions expediently, based on real-world events and accurate intelligence. Yet too many organisations filter and delay critical intelligence, hampering their ability to make strong decisions. Others simply have no organised mechanism to capture and use intelligence, even when it exists in abundance in their companies. Fuld & Company works with such companies to raise their competitive intelligence competency and build CI programs that deliver results. Our model of a world-class competitive intelligence function marries strategy with intelligence by promoting a seamless execution of systematic risk identification, organisational awareness and acceptance, intelligence monitoring, and management action.

We do this through several inter-related services:

  • Strategic simulations and workshops
  • Early warning systems
  • Training the organisation

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