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The Chartered Quality Institute - Placing Quality at the Heart of Every Organisation

The Chartered Quality Institute is the chartered body for quality management professionals. With over 10,000 members, a large proportion of those from the pharmaceutical sector, the CQI exist to benefit the public by advancing education in, knowledge of and the practice of quality in industry, commerce, the public sector and the voluntary sectors.

Membership for Quality Professionals in pharmaceutical

The Chartered Quality Institute promotes the quality management approach, based on planning, measurement and improvement, which delivers the following benefits for organisations:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs and improved profitability
  • Improvement and innovation
  • Identification and management risk
  • Corporate care and responsibility

Qualified Persons in Pharmaceuticals

They recognise that these business outcomes can only be delivered by competent quality professionals, CQI members, and in support of this the CQI provides the following services

  • Promoting the benefits of the quality management approach to industry
  • Maintaining the Body of Quality Knowledge
  • Disseminating quality knowledge and resources
  • Providing qualifications and training
  • Assessing and recognising quality competence

Training for Quality Professionals in pharmaceutical

As the professional memberships body for quality management professionals, the Chartered Quality Institute offers a range of member benefits and progressive membership scheme no matter what stage of your career to support you in advancing your career recognition.


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